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Pioneering science in Japan is not unusual and feels sow lately. Many Indonesians have looked at Japan as one of the next places to gain top-level knowledge at Japanese universities.

Here are some things that are often questioned.




Min 17 years old , max 30 years old


– Have completed a minimum education of 12 years, or
– Has graduated from high school / vocational school / equivalent, or
– 12th grade high school, or
– Final year students, or
– D3 / S1 / S2 graduates

2. Document application

For registrants / prospective students

  1. Registration form
  2. Copy of identity card (KTP)
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Copy of birth certificate
  5. Copy of family card
  6. Graduation certificate & final education grade transcript (original and will be returned)
  7. Photo 3 × 4 cm (8 sheets) * white background photo, studio photo, without editing
  8. Certificate of Japanese learning experience * if applicable
  9. Language expertise documents (JLPT, JLCT, NAT-Test, etc.) * if applicable
  10. Essay on reasons to study in Japan & plans after graduation
  11. Other documents if needed
  12. Registration fee 30,000 Yen*

* The registration fee of 30,000 Yen is the fee to be paid to the school in Japan, and the fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

For Guarantor

The guarantor is the person in charge or the person who guarantees the school fees of the registrant (usually parents / siblings, etc.)

  1. Copy of identity card (KTP)
  2. Family card
  3. Statement from the Bank / Bank Statement
  4. Income statement / SIUP
  5. Certificate of employment (proof that the guarantor has a job)
  6. Agreement to guarantee payment of registrant fees
  7. Family card / Birth certificate (evidence that shows the relationship between the registrant and the guarantor)

* The registration requirements may be a number of additions tailored to the policies of each school.

Online course

“There is no time”, “I am old enough” etc. are just an excuse to learn something new. This course was created for those of you who are really busy, or feel lost time on the road that gets stuck in traffic etc.

We have provided an online Japanese learning course system that can study at affordable prices.

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