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Hiro Tower is an education consultant in Japan 🇯🇵 internet based. Therefore, you can ask all questions about education to us anywhere, anytime (an appointment is required). The consultation fee is certainly free of charge and your questions will be handled directly by the consultant who is in Sakura's country. So don't hesitate to contact us here

Hiro Tower

hiro tower belajar bahasa jepang


As the world’s fourth-largest human resource population, the most important factor to compete in the international world is “education”.

Despite how high the capabilities and skills possessed, the ability in terms of communication is a factor that cannot be ruled out.

There are many ways to communicate, but speaking in a language that can be understood by communication partners is certainly a very important thing.

Studying a foreign language and exploring a foreign culture will broaden your outlook!
International language (English), the language that is widely used by the world’s first order population (Mandarin) and the language used in learning advanced technology (Japanese).

Our educational institution focuses on these three languages where things that have been [INPUT = Learning] must be [OUTPUT = Practice] Educational analysis in learning something is OUTPUT = INPUT.


As an economic center in Indonesia, there is a lot of information in Jakarta, because of too much information, sometimes students feel confused.

On the other hand, Hiro Tower distributes information, letting students learn the life side of abroad and practice what is learned in their home country.

That way, the quality of personal, surrounding and country life will also improve.

That is the mission of us educators.

hiro tower belajar bahasa jepang


Our School

A spacious, comfortable and full AC learning atmosphere so students can still learn in a full concentrate condition


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