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Finding a home in Japan is a difficult thing to say. Apart from the difficult language, contracting a room for a residence usually requires a guarantor who dares to guarantee that you are a person who is able to pay rented money regularly and is not a resident who disturbs local residents.

Many of the students studying in Japan live in apartments provided by the school, but usually the school also provides a place to live where if there are new students (junior) you enter the school, then the school will put the junior first and will ask you to find an apartment another.

Therefore, living in an apartment outside of school is also one of the ways in which you don’t have to bother to move again when there is a junior entering.

Consult the type of apartment, rented prices and other requests with Hiro Tower.

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Senior's experience

Justin - Tokyo ( 2018 Maret )

So my experience when I want to find an apartment in Japan, it seems difficult at first.

You see, if you want to rent an apartment, you need a guarantor and it is certainly not possible for you to have a friend / family who can be a guarantor there.

So I really feel grateful for Hiro Tower because not only is it helped to look for an apartment, there is also being brought to the apartment to see "directly.

So if you are not satisfied you can still replace the others.

Very recommended for those who want to find an apartment in Japan but don't know how.

Darwin - Tokyo ( 2018 Maret )

At first I wanted to give up the school dormitory business. But before that, came an offer from Hiro Tower, and it was about finding a home to stay.

Because I had no other choice at the time, so I gave it up and waited for the results. A few weeks later, it was finally reported that there had been a number of people to choose from. Searching can be as fast as that, with adequate information with clear photos. Plus Hiro Tower also became the guarantor when he rented the apartment.

Not only that, he has also helped a lot of things "like how to pay bills, make insurance cards, install internet and like it. I am right "thanking Hiro Tower who was willing to help even though it was very busy on his own time. In my ministry I recommend to anyone in need.

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